Terms & Conditions

All orders are subject to acceptance at the factory, the availability of ware and the availability of production time.

The total cost of your order is quoted on our sales order. It includes the charges per piece, freight estimate, screen charges, art charges, and the cost of any other options or services needed to successfully deliver your order. E-proofs are always sent as part of our order acknowledgement.

Orders cannot be processed, production cannot be scheduled, and the production time required does not start until an order is actually in our hands, all specifications are known, all terms have been met, we have the “Screen Ready” artwork and you have signed and returned the “Order Acknowledgment” and “Art Proof”.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Our website contains numerous pages. We strive for accuracy, though errors in pricing may occur. There may be instances when we are unable to honor incorrect pricing. E.g. $0.00 pricing.

Return and Refund Policy

Custom printed products cannot be restocked. We do not offer returns or refunds. Products that have minor visual imperfections are not considered as defective or flawed items. Due to the nature of the production process, slight variations and imperfections in ceramic and glass wares are normal and not considered flaws. Variations in raw materials, glazes, production equipment and firing temperatures may also result in variations of size, shape, glaze, color, pock marks, etc. These conditions are within acceptable industry standards.

In the event a product defect is identified, we will replace the order in its entirety only upon endorsement of the defect by the manufacturer of the product. Likewise, if an imprint defect is identified, we will replace that portion of the order only upon confirmation of the defect. Remember to review your order confirmation and artwork proof carefully before approving.


All shipments are FOB WORKS (point of manufacture) unless other arrangements are made in advance. We ship via UPS Ground or local Common Carrier. We always quote estimated freight charges in advance. Estimated Freight charges are based on delivery to commercial locations. Special services, e.g. liftgate, inside/residential delivery, advance notice, appointments are billed separately as “Freight, Special Services”. Prior notification of delivery, or appointments, will incur additional charges.

All orders are subject to the availability of ware. In the event the customer chooses to accept a partial order and backorder the remaining items, additional shipping charges may apply.

Once an order has left our warehouse, ARTon Products is not responsible for any damages or delays caused by the shipping carrier. If an expedited shipping order is delayed, then only that portion of the shipping costs will be refunded. ARTon Products is not responsible if the customer is not available for delivery or refuses the delivery.

NOTE: All damages for freight claims must be noted on the “Bill of Lading” or “Delivery Receipt” when merchandise is received. If damages are not noted, we cannot guarantee your claim will be paid. Any claims for damage must be made within 30 days of receipt.

Drinkware Capacities: Capacities noted are approximate and may vary. They should not be used as a standard of measure.

Under/Over Allowance: Per industry standard, we have an over/under policy of 5%. You will only be billed for what is shipped. Please let us know if you require an exact quantity, and an additional fee of 5% based on ware cost will apply.

Over Packing: When required for UPS Ground, $5.00 per small carton and $6.00 per large carton.

Drop Shipments: Multiple addresses – $7.50 per address (plus the freight charges to each).

Art Charges: $75.00 per hour, minimum of $15.00

Color Changes: $10.00 for a “same set up” color change.

Production Proofs: Exact samples of your printed ware can be produced for a fee of $50.00 per color + the cost of the screen(s) + the cost of the ware.


ARTon Products is not responsible for verifying the copyright status of customer-provided files. Customers are responsible for obtaining permission to use any copyright material prior to submitting artwork and must provide written permission to ARTon Products upon request.

Payment Terms

Late payments are subject to a 1.5% finance charge to be assessed monthly.

FDA Regulations and CA Prop 65

Due to Food and Drug Administration codes, all imprints must be ¾” from the lip and rim of printed ware, except when precious metal colors are used.

In 1986, California voters approved an initiative to address their growing concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals. That initiative became the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known by its original name of Proposition 65. Proposition 65 requires the State to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Proposition 65 does not ban any products, but does require that warnings be given. Prop 65 is valid in the State of California only and requires standards are met across all products distributed in the state. Please note that we comply with all federal regulations concerning chemical contents. Please visit the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment for more information.

If a buyer or distributor fails to provide ARTon Products with advance written notice that one of our products will be sold or shipped to the State of California, such buyer/distributor hereby indemnifies and agrees to defend and hold harmless ARTon Products, its agents, employees, representatives and affiliated companies, from and against any and all Proposition 65, personal injury and property damage claims, and from all other costs, liabilities, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys fees and litigation expenses on account thereof or in connection with any investigation or preparation related thereto or the enforcement of this provision) relating to, resulting from, connected with or arising out of goods or products provided to buyer/distributor by ARTon Products to the maximum extent permitted by law.

If you believe warnings are required, we can provide warning labels to you for a small fee or we can also, for a fee, apply labels directly to the product. For additional information on Proposition 65, you may visit http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html. We cannot provide you with legal advice concerning compliance with Prop. 65. You may want to check with your own legal counsel for compliance options.

Any order placed with or received from ARTon Products, including but not limited to orders placed via our website, phone, or e-mail, shall be deemed effective acceptance of these terms.